There is a number of bugs and annoyances.

  • Media Gallery [2014-08-28]: Currently, media_youtube is FUBAR. So for the time being, Media Gallery can't handle Youtube as video source.
  • Fields with attributes [2014-08-19]]: Several attributes and specifications were implemented with Field Collections. This module has a severe bug which causes mutilated data. This affects sales price, launch/founding/event dates, and thusly the timeline as well.
    • As those issues won't be fixed anytime soon, we started to work around them: No more dates in field collections, just plain date fields. Works even with the timeline.
  • Views Flipped Table [2014-08-19]: Views Flipped Table has a long standing issue regarding empty rows because it ignores the Views settings. There is an ugly workaround which causes partially broken tables.
  • Theme/Visual Design [2014-08-19]: The theme, Acquia Prosper, has not yet been ported fully to D7; the same goes for it's base theme, Fusion, and the helper modules Skinr respectively Fusion Accelerator. This results in a large amount of visual inconsistencies and ugly formatings.
  • Input Format [2014-08-19]: The input format is highly buggy and doesn't process links properly: Internal links are being incorrectly rendered, external hyperlinks don't work at all. On top of that, Mediawiki API prevents other filters like Freelinking from working, it's just plain incompatible.
    • Another won't fix issue. Creepy workaround started: Broken links generated by Mediawiki API are filtered out, internal links are automatically (!) managed by 'Glossify'. Still no manual linking, though. We might even consider WYSIWYG crap to get a usable editor with image embedding.