Penis attachment

Maidlee Doll Dan-Lee

Maidlee Doll Dan-Lee (Doll)

Dan-Lee is a male doll manufactured by [[Maidlee Doll]].

Dan-Lee is built with a soft foam body and has a latex skin. He has bendable joints on arms, knees, and fingers and is able to stand by leaning onto objects.

There are four different penis attachments available:

  • p01: 9 in long (~22.86 cm), girth 6.25 in, width 2 in;
  • p02: 7 in long (~17.78 cm), girth 6 in, width 2 in;
  • p03: 6.5 in long (~16.51 cm), girth 4.5 in, width 1.5 in;
  • p04: 8.5 in long (~21.59 cm), girth 6 in, width 2 in.
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