Lifelike - Atelier für Figurenbau is a German studio creating life-like and life-sized figures.

The artist, Lisa Büscher, has a professional background in figure making, prosthetics, and special make-up since 2003.

Büscher opened up her own Studio "lifelike" by the beginning of 2011. 2013 lifelike already expanded and moved from Berlin Kreuzberg to a new, spacious studio in Berlin Neukölln.

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Mirai Inc. is the company behind Culture Japan. The company was founded by Danny Choo.

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Culture Japan
Manufacturer: Mirai
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Scoonim Dolls

ScoonimDolls Animated ("Scoonim" is a contraction of "Sculptured Goo Animation") is a manufacturer of miniature dolls for 1:6 scale. The dolls are approximately 30 cm tall (12 inch). The studio is located in the Netherlands; is has been established in 2004.

ScoonimDolls Animated is subsidiary of the design company Kolibri Design founded in 1992.

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2004 ScoonimDolls Animated founded Timeline view
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