Scoonim Dolls Female doll - 2nd generation

Female doll - 2nd generation is a female doll for 1:6 scale manufactured by Scoonim Dolls which is available since January 2012. The doll's body is seamless and has a skeleton; she is fully posable, including the eyes, the fingers and the big toe.

Each Scoonim doll is manufactured by hand; the doll is considered exclusive, but not OOAK; the production time is 6-8 weeks, plus a "considerable waiting time"[/fn].

Standard features include:

  • fully seamless doll
  • fully poseable skeleton
  • multi casted body
  • fully handpainted from head to toe
  • poseable eyes
  • poseable upper eyelids
  • poseable hands
  • poseable fingers
  • Poseable big toes
  • customized eyes, make-up, hair, pubic hair, skin color, and tanline
  • opening behind vagina and anus

Optional features include:

  • poseable face
  • teet and tongue
  • poseable breasts
  • fingers with joints instead of wire frame

The female Scoonim doll has a vagina and an anus which is even penetratable; however, Scoonim dolls are not love dolls: "Intercourse with a human is not possible and will result into permanent an unrepairable damage to the ScoonimDoll"[/fn].


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Female doll - 2nd generation
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