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There is a number of bugs and annoyances.

[2014-08-28] Media Gallery: Currently, media_youtube is FUBAR. So for the time being, Media Gallery can't handle Youtube as video source.

[2014-08-19 Fields with attributes: Several attributes and specifications were implemented with Field Collections. This module has a severe bug which causes mutilated data. This affects sales price, launch/founding/event dates, and thusly the timeline as well.

As those issues won't be fixed anytime soon, we started to work around them: No more dates in field collections, just plain date fields. Works even with the timeline.

[2014-08-19] Views Flipped Table: Views Flipped Table has a long standing issue regarding empty rows because it ignores the Views settings. There is an ugly workaround which causes partially broken tables.

[2014-08-19] Theme/Visual Design: The theme, Acquia Prosper, has not yet been ported fully to D7; the same goes for it's base theme, Fusion, and the helper modules Skinr respectively Fusion Accelerator. This results in a large amount of visual inconsistencies and ugly formatings.

[2014-08-19] Input Format: The input format is highly buggy and doesn't process links properly: Internal links are being incorrectly rendered, external hyperlinks don't work at all. On top of that, Mediawiki API prevents other filters like Freelinking from working, it's just plain incompatible.

Another won't fix issue. Creepy workaround started: Broken links generated by Mediawiki API are filtered out, internal links are automatically (!) managed by 'Glossify'. Still no manual linking, though. We might even consider WYSIWYG crap to get a usable editor with image embedding.