Abyss Creations RealDoll 2

RealDoll 2 is a model series by [[Abyss Creations]].

RealDoll2 is the next generation of RealDoll technology, using the latest in materials and techniques and is the culmination of our 10 years of experience in making the finest silicone dolls in the world. RealDoll 2 features advanced weight reduction without sacrificing the feel of the doll, a magnet-based face X (removable faces) with a 7″ deep mouth cavity, optional removable inserts for ease of hygiene and maintenance, and a new line of faces and bodies […]. Coupled with some engineering improvements in our skeleton system, including stainless steel parts and tooled aluminum fingertip guards, these new dolls are sure to develop a great reputation and set new standards in the doll industry 1.


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RealDoll 2
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