Sinthetics is a manufacturer of realistic, life-sized silicone dolls based in the U.S.

Sinthetics was founded in 2010 1 2.

As of October 2014, Sinthetics offers three female and one male bodies. A 4th female body will be publicly announced later in 2014. The bodies can be combined with a selection of about a dozend heads, including one female fantasy head with elf ears.

All Sinthetics dolls can be individually configured by numerous parameters, including skin tone, facial freckeles, wigs, eye color, eye brows, eye shadow, eyeliner, lip color, teeth, piercings, body markings, nipple style, tan lines, tattoos, pubic hair style, manicure, pedicure, and other individual customizations.

The breast size of the female bodies can be enlarged, and the vagina can be either built-in or build as a removable insert. There are even transsexual attachments and transgender prodcts available.

The lead sculpturer, developer, and producer of Sinthetics is Matt Krivicke (; after having to shut down Lovable Dolls, he teamed up with Bronwen Keller (Make-up, Styling, Quality Control, PR, & Customer Service).

Sinthetics resides under the roof of Will Power Holdings, Inc.; the company president is Scott Kimball. Will Power Holdings, Inc. employs five people and has $240,000 in estimated annual revenue Will Power Holdings, Inc. - Company profile,[/fn]


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