Weekly summary 14/2019

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Weekly summary 14/2019


this is a summary of what was going in the doll world in the 14th week of 2019, as far as we at Dollstudio & DS Doll Europe were concerned.

1) New arrivals.

This week, only one new head has been introduced:

  • ›Ella‹ by Irontech Doll

As always, you can follow the latest updates in our Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/DollStudioEU

Also, we have the New products listing on all three Dollstudio websites. It is sorted in reverse chronological order, so the latest additions to our portfolio are on top of the listing:

On Dollstudio EU, there is also the New arrivals timeline http://eu.dollstudio.org/timeline with a slightly different display style.

2) Latest blog posts.

Our daily blog posts feature mostly new photo sets, showcasing dolls and heads in various configurations.

Among some other things, we have posted these new picture series during the past week:

These blog posts are mirrored on the Latest blog posts section all three Dollstudio websites. It is sorted in reverse chronological order, newest posts on top:

(EU and US sites in English, DE site in German)

Also, we have completed posting photos with 360° views of all current YL Doll body styles.

Here is the full listing:

3) Factory photos and shipped dolls.

This week, we had two completed dolls:

Both are currently on their way to the respective customers.

Also, we will take over an abandoned doll which is already on her way to Europe:

  • WM Doll WM-161 with 2 heads (Jinsan heads no. 55 and no. 108), tanned skin color, vagina insert and standing foot option

This beautiful two-headed girl will be looking for a new home when she arrives next week.
It is a factory-fresh doll with no previous owner. She departed on April 4th from the factory.
After her arrival in Europe, she will have import fees cleared, and will be available for EU customers for an affordable price.

As usual, confirmation pics are in our Twitter feed and on the respective product pages.

4) Updates from Sino-doll.

There are some updates from Sino-doll. They announced a weight reduction for last year's S172cm model; she is now specified to be 39 kg, that's 6 kg less than the initial model variant.

Also a couple of other changes were made to the S172cm model in the areas seamlines, neck connector, and shrugging shoulders. No further details were given about these changes so far, but there is a video for the new neck connector available.

On the schedule for the next weeks is a new skin surface. This enhancement is expected to be available in about a month.

5) Test customers wanted!

For the multi-currency payments via SWIFT I mentioned last week, we are looking for test customers from certain areas like Australia, New Zealand or Japan.

Let's take a frequently requested item – Indigo's CWA – and make it a limited time offer for $40 shipped. That's about NZD 59 (New Zealand) or AUD 56 (Australia) or CAD 54 (Canada) or MXN 763 (Mexico) or JPY 4.469 (Japan). Anung mentioned that for Australia certain additional obstacles are in place (no de minimis values for customs valuations, tied with a high holding fee for any goods with pending customs clearance), so Australia will require some extra attention.

What I need from you is feedback how much you bank really charges for a SWIFT bank transfer in your currency, so the bank can not charge you for a currency conversion.

It helps if you have made SWIFT bank transfers before. To find out the amount you will be charged, you need to choose the charging scheme "OUR". And most definitely, please check with your bank in advance how much they are going to charge you! If they are charging unreasonable fees, we can still switch to Paypal, which has multi-currenc.y built-in, so you will get your CWA.

Also, I am interested in test purchases via SWIFT from Switzerland (CHF), Norway (NOK), Poland (PLN), Czech Republic (CZK), Denmark (DKK), and Sweden (SEK). These countries are somehow tied to the SEPA area, but are still using their old (pre-Euro) currencies. A SWIFT bank transfer in your local currency should theoretically have low fees. But I'd like to know how it really is.

So if you are living in one of the aforementioned areas and need Indigo's CWA without buying a complete doll from us, here is your chance to get it for a friendly price Wink

And yes, the CWA can be shipped worldwide. It is labeled properly, so it will pass even demanding customs checks which usually remove the unlabeled Chinese glue from packages.


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