Weekly summary 18/2019

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Weekly summary 18/2019


this is a summary of what was going in the doll world in the 18th week of 2019, as far as we at Dollstudio & DS Doll Europe were concerned.

1) New arrivals.

This week, three new heads were introduced:

Also, three new body styles were introduced:

Last but not least, a new half torso was released:

This silicone toy is extremely interesting as it costs only a fraction of a complete doll but allows to try out some of Sino-doll's unique features, especially the soft silicone blend and the ultra soft vagina option.

As always, you can follow the latest updates in our Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/DollStudioEU

Also, we have the New products listing on all three Dollstudio websites. It is sorted in reverse chronological order, so the latest additions to our portfolio are on top of the listing:

On Dollstudio EU, there is also the New arrivals timeline http://eu.dollstudio.org/timeline with a slightly different display style.

2) Latest blog posts.

Our daily blog posts feature mostly new photo sets, showcasing dolls and heads in various configurations.

Among some other things, we have posted these new picture series during the past week:

These blog posts are mirrored on the Latest blog posts section all three Dollstudio websites. It is sorted in reverse chronological order, newest posts on top:

(EU and US sites in English, DE site in German)

3) Factory photos and shipped dolls.

This week, we had two completed dolls:

As usual, confirmation pics are in our Twitter feed and on the respective product pages.

4) Ready to ship - dolls from stock.

We have taken over an abandoned doll which was already on her way to Europe:

This beautiful two-headed girl has arrived and is now looking for a new home.
She is a factory-fresh doll with no previous owner, and she is ready to ship on the next working day.

I posted a quick Unboxing review with this doll, focusing on what has changed at Jinsan since the last unboxings from a while ago.

Details and pricing are in the For Sale thread.

5) Upcoming Unboxing Reviews.

There are two Unboxing reviews in preparation.

a) Gynoid "纪香-model7" (Ji Xiang) - silicone, ~165 cm, ~34 kg (mfr. specs).

Gynoid, formerly known as Artificial Human and RZRZN, is a Southern Chinese manufacturer of silicone dolls. It is a newcomer, they are around for around two years. Their dolls have a couple of unique features, most notably that the limbs are removable, and the fingers are jointed so the hands are to some degree articulated, and some models have seamless (fixed) heads.

I ordered the new model 7 for an Unboxing review. This lady has fixed legs but removable arms and an exchangable head.

This is a payed doll explicitely ordered for a review. Also, this is my first order from Gynoid Tech., so I will probably talk about the ordering process as well.

Unless something completely unexected happens, this will be an in-depth review.

b) Sino-doll SI-152 with A10 head (Amanda) - silicone, ~152 cm, 28 kg (mfr. specs).

This will be the follow-up review for Sino-doll's SI-172 from last year. In this case I decided to order a different doll as replacement so Icould take a look at a more popular body style and focus on the unique strenghts of Sino-doll.

Both dolls have been ordered and are already in the making. I think they will arrive around end of May or in the beginning of June. If there is news, I will post intermediary updates.


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