Introducing Happy Doll HA-160 aka ›Nori‹

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Introducing Happy Doll HA-160 aka ›Nori‹


today I'd like to introduce Happy Doll HA-160 aka ›Nori‹.

She is a life-sized fabric doll with a weight of about 12 kg. Her Anime/Manga head is super cute, and she brought a little daily sunshine in many customer's lifes.

Actually she isn't new, but recently we matched her brand name to the original Chinese manufacturer (幸福娃娃); so you can find her sisters and look for reviews.

Here are a couple of photos I took recently:

She is cute, isn't she? Smile

Also, Nori has a sweet sister called Miyu. Miyu shares the same body style with Nori, but features a silicone head with realistic facial features.