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Dolls by brand Dolls by brand.

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Supported brands

Supported brands have one or more sales representants on the forum, so questions usually can be answered quickly.

Subforums: 6Ye Premium (49), AS Doll (2), Climax Doll (39), Doll Forever (83), Doll House 168 (25), Doll Sweet (15), Gynoid Tech (31), Happy Doll (4), Hitdoll (14), HR Doll (97), Ildoll (22), Irokebijin (33), Irontech Doll (239), Jarliet (55), Jiusheng (60), JY Doll (32), OR Doll (31), Piper Doll (91), SE Doll (139), Sino-doll (78), SM Doll (2), Tayu (14), Textile Doll (17), WM Doll (22), WM Dolls (168), Xycolo (72), YL Doll (123), Zelex (57)

Unsupported brands

Unsupported brands do not have a sales representant on the forum, so questions can be only answered by community members.

Subforums: 4woods (3), Aibei Dolls (7), AF Doll (1), CST Doll (0), Elsababe (0), Firedoll (0), Future Doll (0), JM Doll (0), LD Doll (0), Orient Industry (0), QiTa Doll (3), Sange (0), Sanhui (8), Silicone Art (3), SY Doll (9), Teddy Babes (0)

Retired brands

Brands which are not produced anymore.

Subforums: Doll Affair (1), First Androids (0), Maidlee Doll (0), Mate Doll (1), Real Fantasy (0), Yu He Doll (0), Z-Onedoll (25)

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Verfied vendors

Verified vendors have been validated by forum management. Vendors listed here have a registered business entity for at least a year or longer, and they have been positively verified to deliver reliably.

Subforums: Booty Call Dolls (1), Dollstudio (538), DS Doll Europe (91), Mon Amour Toujours (2), Xycolo Europe (15)

Other vendors

Vendors listed in this category have not been validated by forum management. Typically, this are newcomers which do not exist for at least a year yet, so no long-term track record can be established so far.

Subforums: New vendor introductions (2)

Overview topics Topics not specific to a particular brand.

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Dolls by material

Dolls by material.

Subforums: Silicone dolls (0), TPE dolls (1), Other dolls (0)

Dolls by type

Dolls by type.

Subforums: Anime/manga dolls (1), Mannequins (0), Love dolls (0), Companion dolls (2), Miniature and BJD dolls (0)

Maintenance & Repair

Maintaining and repairing your love doll.

Subforums: Maintenance & Repair - General (6), Indigo Individual (25)

Presentation & Modification

Presenting and modyfying your love doll.

Subforums: Presentation & Modification - General (0), Dollworks Adapter System (3)

Other topics Topics outside the doll world.

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Subforums: News & Announcements (24), Forum help (16)

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