RealDoll is a brand owned by [[Abyss Creations]]. The RealDoll brand was introduced in 1996.

RealDolls feature completely articulated skeletons which allow for anatomically correct positioning. Most joints allow for a range of movement of about 180 degrees, so a RealDoll moves in nearly all of the ways a real human being does.

All RealDoll dolls are made from silicone, and all feature the Face X system. This means that - within some boundaries - any doll body can be combined with any of our faces.

According to Abyss Creations, for breasts a special formulation of silicon is used; this material has a gelatinous consistency and is completely drym so RealDoll's breasts cannot leak.

A RealDoll can safely support over 181 kg (= 400 lbs).


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