Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka Model 7

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Re: Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka...

18) Hybrid Doll Potential.

I am postposing to investigate the hybrid doll potential to sometime later this year.

If respectively how good head and/or body can be used to create hybrid dolls does not contribute to the evaluation.


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Re: Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka...

19) Body Shape and Head to Body Proportions.

To illustrate Body Shape and Head to Body Proportions, I had planned some standing poses which would have shown the full body from head to toes.

Since this doll can neither stand on her own feet without hurting herself nor be hung from a doll stand with head attached, I will try to think of something else or just postpone this section until Ihave 'retrofitted' the feet with bolts. Or maybe the comparison shots with Doll Sweet's DS-167 ›Evo‹ will have to suffice.

All I can say for now about body proportions is that this doll has a perceptible presence, the body shape is close to perfect without being unnaturally idealized, and the overall appearance is breathtakingly life-like.

Also noticable especially in direct comparison with other dolls of similar body height: The size of heads and feet is perfect. The hands are rangy ('feingliedrig') and slender, but not too small. The feet have size which – theoretically – would allow robust standing.

This doll's sculpt is exceptionally well done in regard to harmony aesthetics.


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Re: Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka...

20) Finger and toe nails.

Since there are no factory photos how the finger and toe nails look like, I took a couple of quick pictures.

The finger nails are made of plastic, clipped short, so she does not have claws.

The toe nails are similar:

Also made of plastic nad clipped short. It looks quite realistic.

The adhesive used to glue the nails on appears to be good. So far, there is no sign of any nails falling off.

If you want nails in other colors, you can just use regular nail polish from the drug store.

The way the nails are attached is flawless.


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Re: Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka...

21) Detachable Arms.

The detachable arms are a key characteristic of Model 7 and all other Gynoid Tech dolls so far. It is as it is, and if you do not like it, these dolls might not be the right choice for you.

I don't think that the primariy design goal was to create a modular doll. My guess is that it's simply a requirement from the extremely delicate molding of the articulated fingers. Plus, it makes spare parts available, in case the fingers break.

What you will have to deal with is this:

Whatever pose or movement you make Jì Xiāng does, the seam between upper body and arms will show up like so…

To cover it up, just push the bangle over the gap and you are all set.

For removing the arm, you move the bangle onto the arm part so the gap becomes visible; then you use the included tool to unscrew the connection.


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Re: Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka...

22) Articulated Hands.

One of the unique particularities of all current Gynoid Tech dolls is the hand design with articulated fingers. The fingers have real joints and are not equipped with wires.

Technically, the engineering of the hand looks approximately like so:

So obviously, these small finger joints are delicate.

Also, the thumb is not opposable.

Real ape hands, homo sapiens included, have such an opposing thumb. It allows certain types of gripping and handlung objects which are not possible without this opposing thumb. Other animal paws are deftly, too. For example, raccoons can also use their 'hands' without opposing thumb cunningly. And they are cute, too.

So Jì Xiāng actually has raccoon hands, but most certainly beautiful ones.

The joints extend the range of possible hand poses enormously.

And, as I already mentioned in my first impressions, after shaking these beautiful 'raccoon hands' once, you will never want to go back to wired fingers. Suddenly even the most elaborate metal handplate with nicely welded wires will just start to feel like stone age. Primitive. Inadaequate. Unattractive.

Please take this warning seriously: Gynoid Tech's jointed fingers are addictive. If you encountered them once, it will be very hard to find a 'normal' doll attractive again.

So let's take a look what she can do…

Raise wrists as there is a proper wrist joint:

…and bend wrist down:

Palm of her hand:

Pointing the direction:

Being a real woman, Jì Xiāng can hold a wooden spoon for cooking Smile

Please note that the finger joints are approximately as much closed as the joints permit:

And she can hold other tools, too:

She can make invitations and express her body language…

… and she can indicate clearly if she doesn't like something or someone:

The hands show an incredible amount of details:

… unlike any other doll I have ever seen:

The hand that beats covered for a proper greeting:

Washing her hands like Pontius Pilate:

These articulated hands are most impressive, though not entirely perfect yet. The could be more robust and they would deserve an opposing thumb. It would be nice if they could bend even more.

However, these are by order of magnitude the most elaborate hands any current love doll has to offer.

These hands are state of the artyou won't get something better anywhere else.


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Re: Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka...

23) Preliminary Conclusion.

Since Jì Xiāng arrived a couple of days ago, one thought is circling my mind:

Last year I met the incredible Doll Sweet DS-167 ›Evo‹ and S-level makeup heads. It was amazing.
This year I am meeting the even more incredible Gynoid Tech Model 7.
Dear reaper, let me live yet another year. I want to see if there will be an even greater doll I could meet next year.

After a long and agonizing period of stagnation in the silicone doll segment, massive improvements have started to show up in rapid succession.
With the ›Evo‹ models and S-level makeup heads, Doll Sweet challenged competition from Japanese doll aristocracy and started to climb up from upper medium range to high-end.
With Model 7, Gynoid Tech has beaten Doll Sweet in several areas – and makes attempts to jump directly into the high-end segment.

Clearly, she is not a perfect doll, and she is definitedly not the right doll for everybody.
But the ratio between breathtaking stuff and not so good stuff is kind of unusual.

What pros and what cons do we have?

1) Things that need improvement.

a) One critical issue is the weak packaging and padding. The expensive doll was delivered in a way I do not want to receive anything valuable. Foam bricks were chaotically scattered in the box, a metal tool was freely floating around, neither head nor hand or feet were extra protected by padding. In a nutshell, any random TPE doll for 1/3 of the price of Gynoid's Model 7 is much better packaged.

Yes, there are some indications that my shipment was not untampered. This is very well possible as an international shipment passes lots of stations where shipping agents, freight carriers or government authorities might want to take a peek. A manufacturer can not do much about it except making re-packaging as fool-proof as possible. If a careless customs officers inspects a shipment and doesn't bother to restore elaborate padding, it's not just bad luck. It's the reality of international freight carriers. The internal padding needs to accomodate for customs inspections where overworked employees have only seconds for re-packaging. Sino-doll has succeeded to create such a packaging.

I was quite lucky as my shipment might have endured some tapering, but the doll itself did not encounter any permanent damage so far. That's some good luck – and/or it might be indicative for a robust product that can endure some hardships.

However, even if someone tampered with the shipment, the protection of neck joint and feet would still not have been good enough. A doll will spend at least parts of her journey either on the head or on her feet. No label will prevent this. Doll makers need to deal with their dolls traveling upside down, or with the small end upright. Some doll makers have already shown solutions, most notably Sino-doll. For a packaging like used by Sino-doll I still have to see what rough handling (except force majeure) could cause a shipping damage. So proper packaging is possible, and I think that a high-end doll deserves high end packaging.

b) And then there is the standing issue. I need to look into this further, but from my first impression I believe that Model 7 is not suitable for standing. The feet are too soft, and my guess is that the foot plate will very soon tear through the balls of the foot, even without attempting to make her stand. Anatomically, this area is critical for standing and balancing as it is the base for the toe joints. If standing in heels, a lot of weight is directed exactly into the area where the edge of the foot plate is located.

Three days after her arrival and just from sitting, my Model 7 has already encountered a couple of cuts in the soles of the feet down to the skeleton. So far I have not even attempted to make her stand on her own feet. Unless I get a plausible explanation for this, I consider this doll not fit for standing.

c) If my guess is correct, Gynoid Tech's Model 7 would also have a serious a long term storage problem as she has

  • neither a hanging mechanism for long-term storage (like Doll Sweet or most other upper range silicone dolls),
  • nor long-term sitting capability due to her soft butt (like most Japanese high-edn dolls with firmer butts),
  • nor reasonable standing capability for long-tem standing (like Z-Onedoll and Sino-doll.

The doll I got can neither stand nor sit properly for extended periods of time without injuring herself, so she is yet another bedridden doll. To avoid flattening her extra-soft butt, she additionally would require a cushion in her back, even if you would store her laying flat on the back. This would be a serious dealbreaker for my use-case – photography and showcasing. How am I supposed to present a doll that can not even sit without getting damaged?

If Gynoid's Model 7 actually has a standing problem, one of her key use cases – photography – would be harmed by severe limitations. Robust standing capability is crucial for nowadays doll photography, and I ordered the doll explicitely for standing.

d) Last but not least, since day four after her arrival, one hip joint has started to become loose and it does not keep a pose anymore. Sure, I can cut her open and hopefully re-adjust the joint. But this mut not happen on a factory-fresh doll after four days. Never ever.

2) Things that could be improved.

Sure, there is always room for improvement – weight reduction, a better neck connector, maybe an usable anus, more head choices and more customization options. There are quite a couple of things where Gynoid Tech could improve. For some, the detachable arms might be showstoppers. If you don't get warm with the idea of detachable lilmbs, they will be similarily annoying as the detachable limbs on an EX-lite. And for my personal taste, she leaks too much oil.

And yes, if you need your doll to have an usable anus, or if you can not handle more than 30 kg wight, or if you desperately need 40 factory wig choices, a doll like Jì Xiāng is not the right choice for you.

Obviously, every potential owner needs to carefully evaluate what is really important for him (or her). As far as Doll Sweet's DS-167 ›Evo‹ is concerned, I noted two potential dealbreakers in last year's review: The very tight vagina for those who primarily want their doll to be a sex toy; and the lack of standing capability for those who primarily want their doll to be a photo model.

Well, Jì Xiāng has a remarkable vagina which I consider fully operational for an average Caucasian male, and she is at least supposed to be able to stand on her own feet.

If both would be true, there simply would not be much left to criticize.

This doll has a superb body shape, a nicely soft silicone blend, exquisite extra-soft breasts and as a free bonus, an extra-soft butt as well.
The skeleton is quite OK; it might not be as elaborate, as well crafted or as precisely adjusted like a Doll Sweet skeleton, but it is fully operational; it has a extra joint in the waist area, and there are joints for shrugging or other shoulder movements. There are hinges everywhere where hinges should be – most notably neck, ankles, wrists.

Model 7 also comes with textured skin and an most elaborate skin surface finishing nobody else in the doll industry has. The surface finishing is artwork quality.
Overall manufacturing quality is not exquisite in every area, but fully sufficient for most use cases. For example, the trimming of seamlines is very precise and there are no visual or haptical falws in the doll's skin surface.
And there is the best eye mechanism I have ever seen in any doll in any price range.
And obviously there are the articulated fingers with hinged joints; again, nobody else has this, and it's clearly not just a 'nice to have' feature. When you gave a doll like Jì Xiāng your hand just once, you will never want to regress to a wired pseudo-maniphalanx. The jointed fingers are not only an engineering masterpiece, they are also an immense quality jump for the whole doll.

So after the first couple of days, I have nothing else substantially to criticize.

But I have a couple of things where I would appreciate enhancements.

Below is my personal evaluation for the things I consider important for my own personal perfect doll:

  • Personally, I would ask for improvements for the standing foot option, preferrably a better foot bone and a much harder silicone for heels and toes. The way Gynoid has engineered the standing capability without bolts is – imho – not even a first attempt. It is simply not fit for the purpose of standing without bolts.
  • Personally, I would prefer a firmer and less oily silicone. Also, for my own doll I would not choose the extra-soft butt as my dolls need to either sit or stand or hang for extended periods of time. Soo the suggestion would be to make the extra-soft butt a customization option so people like me can get rid of it.
  • Personally, my interest for a bed-ridden doll without proper standing capability, without eye bolt/back hook or hanging system and even without long-term sitting capability is exactly zero. So whatever approach Gynoid chooses, they need to either make the doll long-term standing capable, or implement a hanging method, or make her long-term sitting capable. Whatever they choose. But one of these capabilities just needs to be there.

This are my own criteria. Your criteria might be completely different.

For now I have only one concluding remark, the costs.

Gynoid's Model 7 is expensive, compared with other Chinese dolls. But don't be fooled, a doll like this would be simply unaffordable if made anywhere else. The relatively high price is clearly not caused by greedy price politics. Making a high quality doll like this costs a lot of money and requires even more manual labor, manufacturing skills and experience. Where Gynoid Tech is heading, the air is thin. Silicone artists with the required skill set do not grow on trees, neither in China nor anywhere else in the wold.

Considering this, the $4,000 price tag is a bargain for a high-end doll like this. You will get a lot of doll in return – as long as you accept her core attributes, especially the detachable arms, the weight and the lack of alternative head choices. Plus the encountered potential weaknesses in regard to packaging, the flawed standing capability and the less than impressive longevity of the skeleton.

Please keep in mind that there is a 'slight' disadvantage tied to all high-end products, not only for dolls – spare parts and repairs cost a fortune. For example, and replacement arm costs roughly a grand. You might want to keep this in the back of your head if you consider to buy a Model 7 or one of her sisters. You should be as well able as willing to afford maintenance. And dressing a classy lady like this in the penny store would be simply inadequate.


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Re: Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka...

Digression: The Standing Issue.

After I got the factory confirmation video for Jì Xiāng and saw the feet without bolts, I was hoping that finally a Chinese manufacturer would have targeted this annoying issue – dolls standing on their own feet. But I was wrong. Gynoid Tech's Model 7 is not capable of standing without hurting herself.

So I will summarize thea thread Standing capabilities and workarounds from the European DS Doll forum as of October 2017.

The starting point for this thread was that experienced doll owners complained why current Doll Sweet dolls could not stand anymore. Older models could stand on their own feet because they were poured in a harder silicone. Also, many Japanese dolls can stand on their own feet. But Chinese doll makers chose a simpler method – the notorious bolts poking through the soles of the feet. As well from an engineering as from an aesthetic point of view, this is the poorest possible approach. But it works.

Though, Doll Sweet doesn't like poor engineering designs, so they refused to implement bolts for standing. Their alternative was the hanging system which clearly has many advantages; but as a vendor, it gives me a hard time to explain to customers why they need to purchase a hang kit and a dollstand just to put their expensive DS Doll into an upright position.

I was curious if it really would be so hard to implement standing capability in a silicone doll, so I made a proof of concept.

First, let's take a look what the problem is. Doll Sweet uses a foot plate like this:

Combined with a soft silicone the problem is evident; the foot plate can not spread the weight properly, and the edges cut through the silicone, as soon as you put weight onto the foot.

A human skeleton is a much smarter design. Even without tendons and muscles it allows better balancing, and it automatically spreads the weight:

So I simply 3D printed a human foot skeleton.

The above 3D model is courtesy of DrGlassDPM and you can get it from Thingyverse.

This is the completed foot bone, printed in PLA with 20% infill:

Also I got rid of the phalanges distales, phalanges mediae and phalanges proximales as they are just too small and delicate. To fit into a DS-163 foot, the whole fifth metatarsal bone needs to go as well. The reduced foot skeleton with removed phalanges distales & mediae measures ~16 cm in length.

I decided not to cast a DS foot as this would mean silicone on silicone, and to that degree I do neither trust my release agent nor Doll Sweets toes. These toes are really cute, and I don't want them to get stuck in a mold, so I simply 3D printed a foot. The alternative would be alginate, which would result in a so called 'lost form' (I could use the mold only for a couple of hours, until the alginate shrinks).

Actually, I printed three variants in different sizes:

  • The biggest foot is ~24,5 cm long. That's approximately shoe size 39 (DE) / 5.5 (UK) / 7.5 (US), so it's a realistic female foot.
  • The medium variant is ~23 cm long - approximately shoe size 37 (DE) / 4 (UK) / 6 (US). That's a rather small female foot, but still bigger than most doll's feet.
  • The smallest variant has a part of the lower ~15 cm long - approximately baby shoe size 25 (DE) / 7.5 (UK) / 8 (US). That's a miniature foot that would fit to a doll in the 120-130 cm body height range. With a total length of ~32 cm that's the biggest object my crappy printer back then could handle.

I proceeded with the 23 cm foot, so here are some more measurements:

The length is measured from back of the heel to tip of the toes. The max. width of this foot is ~8.5 cm.

If you compare these dimensions to any existing female DS foot, you will notice that Doll Sweet's feet are way smaller. One hypothethsis was that this is one of the problems preventing them to be able to stand on their own feet (not enough bearing surface to spread the weight). However, using a realistically sized female foot like the 24,5 cm variant would make the petite doll look like a Hobbit's bride. We didn't want that, either.

To simulate muscle fibers, I wrapped the bones with some kind of fabric tissue.


The next step was to cast the foot in a two-part form. I casted PLA (the foot) in silicone with support in gypsum ties ("Gipsbinden"). Since I'm not a trained moldmaker, no precise seamlines are to be expected. This is a rather 'short sleeved' ("hemdsärmelig") approach, not intended for productive use.

For casting the 3D printed foot, I used what I had left on the shelf – Mold Star 15 combined with some Thi-Vex for brush-on application.

The white stuff around the form is the support shell, made of plaster bandages. The three cork parts on each part of the form are keys for alignment.

With the silicone form, I could start to pour some silicone into it; a 'little' problem before that was to fixate the skeleton 'inlay' into the form. That's where a pro would not use gypsum bandages, but a more robust GFK mold form.

That's the skeleton I was using:

Here is the foot bone reduced to an appropriate size and wrapped into some gauze:

Then I casted the foot with several leftover cans of Dragon Skin 10 Medium and Dragon Skin FX-Pro, overall five different batches. Yes, you can blend this stuff without any problems. Pigmenting every batch randomly with Silc-Pig:

The demolded foot has a lot of flaws, from the usual air bubbles (caused by not evacuating the silicone) to inaccuracy when positioning the bones inside the much to wobbly form (closed with plain silicone glue). So for more accuracy I'd need a GFK form. However, for a proof of concept it's good enough.

The foot feels very different from a regular doll's foot. The top is firm, and through the heels you can feel the bone – just like a human foot. That's exactly what I wanted. The silicone layer on the heels is very thin, but it works nicely this way.

The next step was to mount the silicone foot onto the skeleton and put some weight on it. Tried up to ~50 kg (on one foot!), and not even the PLA skeleton cracked. No tears in the silicone.

My hypothesis was that with these three ingredients – a properly shaped foot bone, a slightly larger foot, and a more firm silicone blend – standing should be a non-issue. The proof of concept confirmed this hypothesis.

My guess is that with some tweaking, it could even work with only two of these ingredients (e.g. larger foot plus more firm silicone, or properly shaped foot bone plus firm silicone). However, I leave that to doll makers. For me it suffices to know that standing capability is neither rocket science no it requires sorcery.


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Re: Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka...

Interim report – How is she holding up after one week?

Exactly one week ago, Jì Xiāng arrived. So let's take a look how she is holding up after one week.

Together with my sample order, I submitted my list of expectations to Gynid Tech, so let's compare what we got with what I was expecting:

a) The doll is posable and can hold different positions, e.g. she can sit with her butt onto a chair and does not fall off […]

Yes, the delivered doll is posable and she can sit on a chair, but there are a couple of limitations.

The included usage instructions suggest that her legs must not be bent more than 70° forward. For sitting, at least an 90° angle is required; so either the included usage instructions are misleading, or the doll is actually not designed for sitting.

Also, I got the doll with soft gel implants in the butt which would be flattened if she would hate to sit for extended periods of time. So she can sit for a couple of minutes, but not for days or weeks.

I wasn't aware of the soft butt option, and Gynoid probably tried to show off one of the features they can do nicely. So to some degree it was my mistake not to specify in my order that I need the doll to be able to sit for extended periods of time (for long-term storage respectively showcasing).

b) wrists, ankles and neck are properly hinged […]

Yes, I think the requested hinges are there.

c) shoulders can shrug […]

Yes, shoulders can shrug.

d) the doll can stand either on her own feet (ideally), or on bolts poking through the soles of the feet (like TPE dolls) […]

No, she can not stand on her own feet without seriously injuring herself. Just from balancing when sitting, half of her balls were cut open (see below for details).

Also, even if I would accept to completely ruin her feet by making her stand on her own feet, she probably could not stand as her right hip joint loosend within the first four days.

e) head and arms are detachable and (firmly) re-attachable, so they do not fall off by itself; when attached, silicone on arms aligns properly with shoulders […]

Yes, arms are firmly attached and – unlike my EX-lite – they do not fall off.

The neck connector has it's kinks, but it works more or less well; I'd say it's good enough, as long as you do not swap heads on a regular basis.

f) the eyes are movable […]

Yes, they are. Plus they have the best eye mechanism I have ever seen.

g) fingers in the hands are articulated and have joints […]

Yes, fingers are articulated and have joints. The hand looks exceptional, but – as it was to be expected – it's extremely delicate.

h) face and body makeup is permanent and does not rub off when cleaning or showering […]

So far I did not shower her or used soap or tried stain remover, only a cloth with tap water. To that degree, the skin surface finishing appears not to rub off easily. It's more permanent than the body makeup on TPE dolls.

i) weight of doll with head is 34 kg ± 3 kg (about 10% variance) […]

Yes, but with some teeth gnashing. She is heavier than 34 kg, but (almost) sticks within the +3kg weight tolerance.

So Gynoid Tech met most of my expectations as far as I wrote them down together with my order.
Some things were even far beyond my expectations, most notably the brilliant eye mechanism. I am totally in love with this.
Also, in may areas, things turned out very good or better than just good. For example the manufacturing quality of the silicone skin and the exquisitely trimmed seamlines.

So clearly I did not get a bad doll.

But there were a couple of unwelcome flaws as well.

Unexpectedly, packaging was messed up. Even if an unknown 3rd party tampered with the shipment, protection of the neck joint wasn't good enough. For future shipments, Gynoid urgendtly needs to make sure that the neck is protected and that the doll can not move within her box.

Also pretty unexpected was that the hip joint loosened within four days. That indicates a possible problem with the skeletal design or with the way joints are adjusted ex factory.

A loose hip joint is most upsetting for a couple of reasons:

  • Firstly, it is yet another hindrance to avoid proper standing;
  • secondly, tightening the hip joint requires doll surgery, meaning: cutting a less athan a week old doll open to fix something the factory messed up, and
  • thirdly, it's simply annoying in a factory-fresh doll which is supposed to be fully posable; I simply did not want a doll with loose joints.

The most serious failure is – imho – the lack of proper standing capability.
What the factory implements is nothing but piss poor engineering.
I have no other words to put it.
The factory needs to fix this ASAP!

Soles of the foot on day four:

Soles of the foot on day five:

Again, this doll never stood on her own feet! This massive tear happens just from balancing her when she was sitting on her delicate extra-soft butt.

Why do I think that this severe injury was caused by piss poor engineering?

We can now take a look inside her foot through the self-inflicted tear. As I suspected from palpating her foot, there is a metal foot plate right below her balls:

This metal plate is not only at a position where it simply does not belong, it's worse. The edge is so sharp that is would cut through any soft rubber.

Guys, please look up the process for proper deburring! "Neaten and smooth the rough edges or ridges of (an object, typically one made of metal)."

Also we have a two-layered silicone on the soles of the feet:

The inner silicone layer is more firm and feels brittle. The outer silicone layer is softer.

Why the heck would one make feet for standing with a soft silicone layer? I don't get it.

And worse, the doll actually could have been made for proper standing. The threads for bolts/pegs are in the metal foot plate:

I do not like the bolts for standing, but so far it is the only method that works in Chinese dolls. My Z-Onedoll is standing for almost three years on her nylon bolts. My Sino-doll is also standing on her nylon bolts for several weeks. They stand reliably and don't fall over. And the silicone in the soles of her feet does not tear.

So clearly, the factory needs to implement the version with bolts if standing is ordered!

So looking back to the past week:

Gynoid's Model 7 is a most impressive technology showcase.
A lot of stuff in this doll is just awesome and much ahead of any other doll maker worldwide.
It is very well possible that it is the ultimate doll for many of you.

However, for my own use case, the whole package is a deal breaker.

I need a doll for photography and showcasing. So she needs to be fully posable, and she needs to able to stand or sit for extended periods of time.

Even if I would cut her whole feet open to locate the threads for bolts, she could not stand without hip surgery.

Also, opposed to Doll Sweet, Gynoid does not offer a hanging system which would allow to hang the doll on a stand with head attached.

So she can not stand, she can not sit, and she can not hang in a way I could use.

This is extremely dissapointing. Plus, having to start major surgery on a doll which is not even a week old is something I consider inacceptable.

Since I have payed quite some money for this sample – much more than 'just' freight costs and import fees – I am in the same shoes like any regular customer. So the question is now if Gynoid Tech can make any suggestion how to make the encountered issues right.

As alway, ymmv. If you don't care about standing capability or don't mind to being force to do major surgery on a one week 'old' doll, your evaluation might be completely different.


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Re: Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka...

In this post I will try to summarize the Responses by Gynoid Tech to the issues encountered.

@Gyoid: Please feel free to join in if I am paraphrasing you incorrectly, comments are open.

At first, I'd like to mention that Gynoid Tech has been responding timely to most questions. So responsiveness is a big plus with Gynoid Tech as I encountered the company so far.

1) The packaging and padding issue.

Basically, Gynoid seemed surprised how the package was delivered:

[…] this is the first time happened such a issue,since our dolls marketing in the past years.

For comparison, I got pictures how the shipment is supposed to look when it leaves the factory, and yes, packaging looks very different in these pictures.

2) Soft butt and sitting capability.

The extra-soft butt is not suitable for long-term sitting. That applies to other brands as well.

But… I want to showcase the doll either standing or sitting or hanging with head attached. Gynoid's suggestion:

[…] try to find a pad for her waist in order to keep well her shape of her butt.

As I understand this, I would need to present her in a laid position.

3) The standing issue.

In a nutshell, Gynoid Tech simply denies that the doll can not stand without hurting herself.

although GYNOID Doll Model 7 with a standing ability, named, support-stand up capability, with no bolts under her feet, yet, suggest you put a soft mat on the place where she stands, and select a safe supportor, before testing her stand up ability to avoid any potential harms to the doll feet […]

are you sure, soles tears happened just sitting there ? we don't think so. we got lots buyers with there dolls over one year, feet no problem at all. they stand the doll, too.

Also I got this picture from Gynoid which is supposed to illustrate standing capability:

For sure that's a nice picture. But what it does not show is how the feet look like after standing, and if the shown dolls solid silicone feet or bolts.

For the record, as long as the joints are tight enough, all Gynoid dolls can stand the same way as any Doll Sweet or TPE doll without bolts can stand. They all can stand – but they will hurt their feet badly.

Solutions as offered by Gynoid Tech:

[…] we can send you remedial fluid free of charge, just need you to pay shipping cost.

Not sure what "remedial fluid" is, probably some silicone glue. I have that here.
And: Glueing the tear will not resolve the standing issue. It's a design flaw respectively a mistake not to ship the variant with bolts in the soles of the feet.

4) Oil leakage issue.

Regarding the grease stains I noticed on the floor and any textile fabric in contact with the doll:

on oil leakage: pls use some powder on her body […]

5) Loosened hip joint issue.

Regarding the loosend hip joint, I got not much comments except this:

we feel pity on issue you are facing. […] seems a bottle of patching solution is necessary. we send it free of charge, you only need to pay shipping cost. as for hip, a medical is needed […]

Also, Gynoid Tech pointed me to an instructional video showcasing the tightening of a knee joint. The video shows how to make an incision into the silicone and that they use some metal tool to tighten the joint.

Really, guys – I need a little more information how the joints are designed and which tool for which size of nuts I am supposed to use. Especially I need to know if the nut is countered. Before cutting a doll open, I need to have a clear picture of the skeleton for reference!

Also, suggesting doll surgery does not really address the actual issue – the fact that I need to make several repairs on an expensive factory fresh doll.

Also, Gynoid Tech made a claim about an updated version of the skeleton:

[…] by the way, from 20th June, upgraded skeleton has been adopted, more durable all joints on skeleton.

That's nice for future customers, but it absolutely does not resolve my problem.

This is more or less the essence of Gynoid Tech's replies and suggestions regarding the issues I have encountered.

This all boils down to one simple recommendation for potential buyers:

A doll from Gynoid Tech is for experts only.
You need to prepare yourself to perform doll surgery on your $4,000 lady from day one on.
The above excerpts from communication with Gynoid Tech shows the level of support you can expect.

Sure, what else can a manufacturer in China do?
There is no repair service network, and there can not be repair service network as technical internals are considered trade secrets.

Last but not least I'd like to mention a couple of things I did not get answered.

For example the contradiction what the usage instructions say about moving the legs more than 70° forward. According to the usage instructions, more than 70° are not permitted. For sitting, at least 90° are required. I did not get an answer is the usage instructions are out of dayte or if the doll is actually not fit for sitting, not even withoout the extra soft butt implants.

Also I asked about a couple of simple technical details like the shore hardness of the silicone Gynoid Tech is using. Instead of a value like "Shore 10A", the reply I got was:

[…] the silicone hardness of skin are the same, the only difference is the filler. breast, vagina and butt are soft parts compared with the rest parts.

As far as I can tell from the tear in the foot that is not correct. There are at least two layers of silicone in the soles of the feet, and the inner layer is harder, so it can not be considered a filler.

But as I mentioned above, getting even the most basic technical details is an impossibility from most Chinese manufacturers, obviously Gynoid Tech included. The only exception I am aware of is Doll Sweet. Everywhere else you need to be prepared for reverse engineering.


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Re: Unboxing Gynoid GT-165/86 with Jì xiāng head (纪香) aka...


as usual, I am pausing this review now for a couple of weeks.

That will

  • give you opportunity to ask questions,
  • give Gynoid Tech the opportunity to work on the encountered issues, and
  • give Jì Xiāng the opportunity to convince me if I want to keep her.

As time permits, I will post occasional pictures or add new findings, and in a while post my final conclusion.


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